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MegaMazes is a pioneer website that has brought a new cottage industry to the world-wide-web and is destined to expand into other markets. The idea behind MegaMazes, as with any successful business, is to provide a quality product at a fair price. The specific mission of is quite simply to be the best maze website in the world. Our chief offering is a term subscription to our website. We are also preparing to offer many other products including posters, CD-ROMs, books, and other MegaMazes branded paraphernalia.

There has been an unprecedented amount of interest in the MegaMazes website. MegaMazes has become well known on the Internet in the maze enthusiast and maze designer communities. Our clean, crisp website and high-quality mazes have brought in volumes of traffic previously unheard of for a website about mazes. We at MegaMazes feel that the technologies we employ has caused us to become the de-facto standard for quality in online mazes. Parents can trust our website to be appropriate for their kids to surf. By offering premium content delivered to our members, providing unique products, and maintaining reliable customer service, MegaMazes is destined to continue to be a success!

MegaMazes has been founded by a small group of maze designing experts calling themselves the MazeMasters. These founders have thirty cumulative years of experience in drawing mazes. Our MazeMasters have even coined a new word to describe their craft: mazery. To learn more about mazery, check out our Mazery FAQ.

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