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At MegaMazes, we have only the highest quality content. Our MazeMasters have created a huge collection of mazes that are both wonderfully artistic and immensely entertaining to solve. For our Free Tour, we only have a limited selection of mazes available. All of these mazes are encapsulated into Adobe PDF™ format -- see note below for more information.

View Demo Mazes!
Viewable Check out the premium quality of our mazes! These demo mazes are not printable, but they will give you a good idea of what you have to look forward to if you become a member. Remember, registering for membership is Free!
Print A Maze!
Printable Before registering for your free membership, check out what we mean by unsurpassed quality in a printable maze. Only a couple of the demos are printable, but with your free membership, you will have access to many more printable mazes, including each of the viewable demos above. Many of our mazes and their mods are in color, and can be printed as spectacular artwork.
Special Offer! **
We are proud to announce a rare offer. For a limited time, if you register for free, you will receive FOUR brand new bonus mazes from by Andrea Gilbert. These are mazes that have not even been released on yet, so act now! This really is a privilege; Andrea Gilbert is truly a master at producing mazes with elegant, structured patterns that cleverly conceal the solution. To view one of these new mazes, click here. Become a member to get access to and printing rights for the rest of her new mazes -- membership is free, so Join Now.

Note:  To view Adobe PDF™ files, please download and install the free Acrobat Reader™ from the Adobe Systems website. The download is free and the free software license to use the Acrobat Reader™ program never expires. This link is provided for your convenience only and does not indicate a partnership or affiliation with Adobe Systems, Incorporated. If the above link is not working correctly, please go to the Adobe website and click the "get Acrobat Reader" graphical link.

* All downloads are suject to the Site Terms of Use and Materials Licensing Agreement.

** Image of the maze section © 2003 by Andrea Gilbert.

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printable mazes

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