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      We make every effort to ensure all of our content here at MegaMazes is appropriate for everyone in your family. We understand that sometimes parents may have differing opinions about what is appropriate for their children, and we would like to ensure our customers that we consider all of our content equivalent to a "G" rating. Our site contains the lowest RSACi/ICRA rating label available.
      Concerned parents like you are excited to be able to allow their children to have fun using our site. It is common in education that kids are encouraged to solve mazes in order to help develop their mathematical, spatial thinking, and problem-solving abilities. While a subscription to our website is not free for educators, if you are interested in special pricing on our mazes when intended for use in an educational setting, please contact us.

Some of our great selling points are:
     •  We specifically craft many of our mazes to be interesting to children. Members can check out the KidZone to see a wide selection of our offerings for younger members. Mazes in the KidZone contain brightly colored content and are simpler on the difficulty scale.
     •  A section of each of our galleries are comprised of easier starter mazes. These are a great way to get kids interested in mazes. Once they start solving mazes, they'll get hooked on a great activity and on the victory of solving cool mazes of their choosing.
     •  We screen or moderate all posintgs to the site including those to the member forum, testimonial, and feedback areas.

Register now for access to the Member Galleries. A limited trial subscription is FREE and grants you access to many more samples of our mazes and other materials. If you like what you see, please Subscribe. In exchange for payment of a low term fee, with a subscription you will gain unlimited access to ALL of our content for the duration of your subscription term. Pricing starts at under $2.50 $1.50 per month.    

Please note:  Certain legal restrictions apply. See our Child Usage guidelines for more information.

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