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Copyright 2002-2006, owned by Locke Enterprises of San Luis Obispo County, California, USA. All rights are reserved. The entire design of and graphics contained on this website (the "Site") constitute copyrighted material. MegaMazes, the MegaMazes logo, and our signature "M" design are trademarks of the MegaMazes Site and its parent organization. Other names are trademarks of their respective holders.


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Copyright Notification

Each of the images, documents, software, and information ("Materials") on the Site are protected by international copyright law. As specific examples, but not to be considered an all-inclusive or complete listing, MegaMazes' Materials refers to maze images, maze PDFs, maze thumbnail images, demo maze software, demo game software available on the Site. Availability of Material depends on the type of authorization granted to you (the "User") of the Site. By visiting the publicly available Demo gallery you are granted a personal license to download and use ONE copy of each of the Materials available for use on your personal computer. If you have been granted a free Member account, by visiting the free member gallery, you are granted a personal license to download and use ONE copy of each of the available Materials to which you have been granted access. If you are a paying Subscriber, by visiting the subscriber gallery, you are granted a personal license to download and use ONE copy of each of the available Materials to which you have been granted access. Any unauthorized access to materials not intended to be made available to the User is a breach of copyright and will cause you to be in breach of other Agreement(s); subject to the termination Terms of other Agreement(s). This means that you are NOT allowed to access portions of the site to which you are not specifically and clearly authorized access; activities such as web "spidering" are not allowed. You are authorized to print ONE copy each of image and document Materials for your personal use, but are NOT authorized to distribute that printed copy for and purpose whatsoever. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF THE MATERIALS ON THIS SITE FOR A COMMERCIAL PURPOSE WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FOR THAT SPECIFIC USE. All commercial uses of the Materials on this Site, when written permission has been granted, must still comply with the other restrictions outlined hereunder. You are authorized to make ONE backup copy of these Materials. The backup must be for your use only in case of a computer failure and is non-transferrable. You are NOT authorized to copy these Materials to more than ONE computer. You NOT authorized to make any additional copies for any purpose; you are expressly forbidden from engaging in any proliferation activities including, but not limited to: transmission of Materials via email, copying of Materials to publicly available network drives, uploading of Materials to any website on an intranet, extranet, or internet whether they be non-profit, not-for-profit, or commercial. You are NOT authorized to make any of these Materials publicly available from the location where they are stored on your computer. You will be liable for all damages caused by lack of adherance to these restrictions whether intentional or otherwise. Under no condition will it be allowed for any of the Materials to be modified in order to remove the copyright notice or website URL. This restriction also applies to non-profit, not-for-profit, and educational organizations and applications. These User License Terms do not constitute transferrence of any copyrights, but are solely provided as a restrictive copyright license. MegaMazes and the respective owners of copyrights for all Materials retain and reserve all other copyrights not explicitly allowed in this notice or other applicable notices posted on this website. For more information about the User License for these Materials, please see our: Usage Terms


For any additional copyright licensing permissions, you must obtain written permission from an authorized agent of MegaMazes. To contact MegaMazes, please see the About Us page. There can be no exceptions to the above stated rules. Remember that an unanswered email does NOT mean that you have permission.

For information on other notifications and agreements that apply to users of this site, please see our Legal page.

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