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Here you will find links to locations containing legal information about MegaMazes and your use of our website including the full copyright notice and site usage terms.


     •  Copyright Notification
All of the MegaMazes Sites and Materials are copyrighted. See this document for more information on what this means.
     •  Site Usage Terms
Everyone that uses this website is bound by the Terms presented in this notice.
     •  Licensing Agreement
The licensing Agreement that Users of this Site must abide by if downloading any of the available Materials.
     •  Privacy Statement
Information on what information we obtain from you, how it is used, and where it is kept.
     •  Child Usage
A brief discussion of our privacy policies regarding usage of the Site by children.


Note: The links provided in this document are FOR CONVENIENCE ONLY and do not necessarily constitute a complete listing of all Agreements under which the User or MegaMazes is bound. An attempt is made to keep this page updated and to keep it maintained current, but the User is required to remain appraised of all legal Agreements and Notices under which their activities regarding use of this Site and authorized use of the available Materials are restricted. And, finally, if you have any questions or concerns about any legal information posted at this Site, regarding a specific legal issue, or portion of an Agreement, please feel free to use the Contact form and select the "Legal Issue" subject option.

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