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These are links to other maze sites out there on the web. While we feel that our site,, offers unique, premium content, we hope that you will also enjoy some of these interesting sites. Websites that we feel are special may be marked as "cool" or "kid" friendly. We also have some links for other types of great sites, with a non-maze themes, like sites with 3D high-resolution graphics.

Featured Sites Descriptions
Maze Zing   A great new concept - mazes in photography.
ClickMazes   Awesome mazes and applets designed by Andrea Gilbert.
Great Mazes   Lots of grid-style mazes by the Roze Ghost.   Awesome posters of user-contributed artwork.
Maze Sites Descriptions
Andrew Bernhardt   Hand-drawn mazes that have bridges and one-way passages.
Meditative Mazes   Colorful maze artwork by Terry McGuire.
Mark Mitchell   Computer generated mazes with hypnotic colors.   Some nice colorful, complex, and creative maze graphics.
Think Labyrinth   A site about mazes and labyrinths.
MazeCreator   Maze Creator software creates pencil puzzles quickly and easily.
aMAZEing Art   Published maze book author Christopher Berg's official site.
For Kids Descriptions
Mazoons   Hand drawn cartoons that are mazes - very cool.
MazeGen   An interesting applet that creates maze and solves them.
ActivityPad   Many very easy mazes offered for free.
PuzzleMaker   Some nice pen-and-ink style art drawn as mazes.
Graphics Sites Descriptions
Digital Blasphemy   The best 3D art anywhere!
Mind of Madness   Not madness at all; more like genius.
Mike Bonnell   Both CG renders and photography; free content available.
Jos Leys Fractals   A site with wondrous high-res fractal images.

Note:  Links to these Internet sites do not indicate endorsement of these sites or their content by MegaMazes is not responsible for any content on a linked site. These sources are provided for informational or entertainment purposes only.

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