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Why Mazes?

What is Mazery?

Who are the MazeMasters?

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Why Mazes?

      Because here at, WE LOVE MAZES! Mazes are great fun. They are both fun for us to design and fun for our members to solve. Mazes are a wonderful, mentally stimulating activity that is appropriate for people of all ages. For those of us that are concerned about involving our children in educational and creativity-encouraging hobbies, mazes are an especially refreshing solution to a habitual interest in television or video games.

What Is Mazery?

      We at have studied the sundry mystical and arcane powers of the mind utilized when creating a maze and have dubbed this fine art as "Mazery." Largely a self-taught discipline only learned by the rare individual who seeks to become one of the best maze designers in the world, mazery is even now a constantly evolving arena of art. Those most proficient in this esoteric art form are said to be MazeMasters. Make no mistake, mazery is not just the mere art of creating mazes. Mazery involves the use of all manner of optical, mathematical, and psychological trickery in order to maximize the confusion of pathways in a maze. For a maze that presents a striking artistic presence, and yet which cleverly conceals a solution, mazery will have been utilized. Mazery requires continual breakthroughs in creativity. A must are: new designs, alternate configurations, extrapolations, evolutions, mutations, and the application of all manner of other sciences-- to the end of maintaining the engaged interest of the audience. When one is designing a maze and can feel nothing else but an intensified, glowing sense of assembling a master creation, this is a mazery talent emerging.
      All of our MazeMasters explore various specific areas of this wizardry, and each maze that we offer on MegaMazes presents a separate, unique theme from a particular aspect of a mazery talent. Certain of our mazes present common styles, and are grouped accordingly in our galleries. Introduced by the founders of this site are many grid, brains, noodles, and jumper styles. Contributors have added in mazes for other categories such as freehand, patterned, design, and toon styles. Examples of each are publicly available for download from the Demo page. More mazes are available when you become a Member. Many mazes are available for free, but for unlimited access to all of our premium content, please subscribe!

Who are the MazeMasters?

      The MazeMasters are those talented individuals who create and contribute premium mazes to this website. Each of the MazeMasters have varied styles and approaches to the authoring of their respective mazes. It is with great pride that we present all of our mega-mazes; great care has been taken in every maze to create quality works of art.
      While many of the mazes have been designed by the founders of this website, many have also been created by other MazeMasters. These are our paid contributors, and they have been hand-selected as only the best and most original maze designers in the world. In the near future, we will also be offering many more mazes from new contributors through a special arrangement we call our Contributor Program. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please use the Contact, select the "Contributor Program" subject option, and write in a brief message about your experience with designing mazes.

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