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Register today for a membership to! We offer personal-use access to premium quality mazes. The free membership to the site grants you access to dozens of our best mazes. If you are already a member, please Log In. Please see the paid subscription options for unrestricted, advertising-free access to all of our mazes. While we only occasionally update the free maze galleries, every month we continually add fresh content into the subscriber galleries.

All membership options feature: a license to download, save, and view ONE copy of each maze to which access is granted. Permission is also granted to print ONE copy of many of the mazes -- a great way to solve a maze or show it to your kids! For any membership option, MegaMazes and our Contributors retain all ©opyrights. See the Legal links page for more information.

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Your free membership features:
  • Access to a plethera of mazes in our free galleries.
  • Personal-use license for each maze in the free galleries.
  • An in-depth preview of much of the subscriber content.
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Each of our subscription options feature:
  • Access to every mega-maze we have available online.
  • Access all of the mazes that we will create during your subscription term.
  • We add new mazes every month so that you always have something new to try.
  • Personal-use license to view and print one copy of all mazes on the site.
  • View ALL available solutions for those tricky mazes that have you stumped.
  • Zips downloads of most of our galleries are coming soon!
Prices vary according to subscription term - for the best deal, subscribe to a longer term! Subscriptions are as low as $4.16 $2.08 per month! None of our charges are automatically recurring -- we will merely send you a friendly reminder near the end of your subscription term. Each longer subscription term length also has additional benefits. See the chart below for pricing details.

- Standard -
1 month   $9.95
6 months   $24.95
Note:  For detailed information about each of the options, click its subscribe button. The individual subscription pages present specifics about all of the benefits purchased and licensed under that term.

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