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How do I view mazes from

To view mazes from, please utilize Internet Explorer (5.0 or greater) and the Adobe™ Acrobat™ Reader software (6.0 or greater.) You may obtain the Acrobat™ Reader for free from the Adobe Systems, Inc. website. A direct link to the download page is also available here. For a detailed explanation of this process, please refer to Article I in our online help pages.

How do I print mazes from

To print our mazes, please use the small print icon at the top-left of the main reader frame. A red arrow in the example image below indicates where to find the print icon using Internet Explorer™ 6 for Windows™ XP and using the Acrobat™ Reader 5 plugin. Please click the example image below for a magnified view.

Please note:  While other PDF plugins or viewers are available, can only guarantee correct viewing and printing operations from within Internet Explorer and the Adobe™ Reader software.

Where can I find the solution to a maze from

Solutions are available for most, but not all of our mazes. Should one of our mazes seem impossible to solve, and if you are willing to concede defeat, you may wish to view the solution for a maze. When a solution is available, please look for a link to the "solution" below the maze's page in our gallery. Please click the example image below for a magnified view.

Please note:  While most of our mazes and demo mazes are printable, many of the solutions are NOT. This is intentional. The solutions are provided as a reference only :)


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