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Article 1: How to Install the PDF Reader

To view and print mazes on, we ask that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer and the Adobe™ Acrobat™ Reader software. The free Acrobat™ Reader software provides you with a simple and effective way to load, display, and print our mazes with a crystal clear resolution.

In is very likly that this software is already installed on your computer. To check whether or not the software is already installed, you may go to your: Start Menu, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. Browse the list of installed programs and check for "Adobe Acrobat", "Adobe Acrobat Reader", or "Adobe Reader". We recommend using a version that is numbered 6.0 or higher. If you find the software on your computer, you should be ready to view and print mazes from the website. If you are having difficulties viewing our mazes, please first be sure that you are using Internet Explorer. If so and difficulties persist, please install or reinstall the latest version of the Acrobat™ Reader; continue reading for more information.

If it is not already installed, however, it will be necessary to take a few minutes and install this software. More good news is that you will also be able to use the Acrobat™ Reader software to view content from many other websites. To do this, please visit the Adobe Systems Inc. website. When we last checked, the Reader software was also available directly from here.

It will be necessary to select your Language, operating system (ie: Windows XP or Mac OS 10), and your Internet connection speed. If you are presented with additional options including the Full Version and Download Manager, you may select any options you wish. For mazes from our site, only the core Reader is needed, but you may also install the full version. It is not necessary to use the Download Manager, but you may also use that option. Once all available options are selected, click the download button.

If a Save As popup dialog appears after the download starts, select the Open option. If you save the installation to a location on your computer, you will have to remember where it was saved and manually open it once the download is finished.

When the download has completed, merely run the installation wizard. It is advised that you close down all running software applications - especially any web browsers. To successfully install the Reader software, merely follow the instructions.

Once the installation completes, we recommend that you restart your computer. After you computer has restarted, please return to and you will be able to view and print our many premium-quality mazes.


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