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We at greatly appreciate the many years of praise and support that we have received from our online customers. If there is a matter with which we may assist you, large or small, we are more than happy to extend a reciprocal offer of support to you.

Where appropriate, and in order to best provide you with assistance, we ask that you review the available self-help options available such as the FAQ which answers many Frequently Asked Questions. Should you not find an answer there, we do also offer email support through a technical support request page.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
In our FAQ, we answer almost every conceivable question that we have heard from our visitors and members. You may use the search feature to find answers to questions regarding a specific issue. We recommend that all of our newest members take a few minutes to browse through the FAQ to learn about the MegaMazes website.

General Feedback Form
We always enjoy hearing from our worldwide audiece. Please use this form to send us comments about the site or our mazes. We also ask that you report any broken links using this form.

Technical Support Request Form
If you run across a problem for which you cannot find an answer in the self-help areas of our website, you may submit a technical support request. You may also use this form to submit a customer service question or request.

Help Articles
We have written detailed articles containing complete information about performing tasks such as installing Adobe™ Acrobat Reader™ and downloading mazes from our website.

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